Performance Verification

Performance Verification

ESTs verification process confirms that all building energy systems perform interactively as intended and in accordance with our contract documents, the owner’s objectives, and the operational needs. Our verification process is integrated with the phases of design and construction and continues after the building is occupied. In order for the verification process to work effectively, it is necessary for EST to establish and document the owner’s criteria for system function, performance, and maintainability. Such criteria is documented during the design phase, checked during construction, verified during start-up procedures, and handed off during initial period of operation.

perf life cycleLife Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)

LCCA is a decision-making tool that EST implements to aid consumers in comparing the owning and operating costs for energy using systems. The analysis accounts for the initial cost of construction or renovating a facility, as well as calculating the cost of a system or product and the owning and operating of a facility over its useful life. These costs make up the total cost of ownership for a building.

Energy Life Cycle Cost Analysis (ELCCA)

The ELCCA provides a method for the owner to evaluate different energy using system options and to select the most cost-effective measures. The completed ELCCA report recommends the alternatives that make the most economic sense while providing for the comfort, health, and the productivity of the building occupants. EST uses ELCCA to help decision-makers select the most energy efficient product or process that results in the least impact to the environment. This information can also be used with other factors, such as cost and performance data to select a product or process.

By implementing an ELCCA to the decision-making process, EST provides an understanding of the human health and environmental impacts that traditionally is not considered when selecting an energy efficient product or process. This valuable information provides a way to account for the full impacts of decisions, especially those that occur outside of the site that are directly influenced by the selection of the product or process. ELCCA is a tool to better inform decision-makers with other decision criteria, such as cost and performance, to make a well-balanced decision on energy savings projects.

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