GESPER (Green Energy Surge Protection and Energy Reducer)

complete-3-phase-gesper-unitThe GESPER series of energy saving electrical products is an innovative new technology that protects consumers’ whole electrical system while saving a guaranteed 10% savings in kWh on electricity bills. While the 10% is the guaranteed minimum, documented averages range between 22% to 25% with some in excess of 40%.  The GESPER combines several proven electrical technologies into one unit, designed to reduce the amount of electricity consumed.

This new invention was first designed to help protect electrical wiring from surges, down-line lightning strikes, and voltage spikes. Being part surge protector, the GESPER systems will eliminate most of the static electricity that can cause major damage to electronics. This makes a power supply more energy efficient.

The surge protection enables the GESPER to protect consumer electronics, industrial commercial machinery, commercial real estate, and residential electrical wiring. Subsequently, the system saves on the kWh (e.g., energy) consumed by improving the current (e.g., amps), voltage, power factor, kVAR, and a reduction in harmonics.

GESPER Benefits

A typical office environment can attribute 40% of its energy load to HVAC alone. The U.S. spends approximately 65% of its total energy on all motor loads, which is the amount of energy demanded by electrical appliances. Our GESPER unit(s) lowers apparent power that is read on the line side of the meter without lowering actual power supplied on the load side of the meter. Consequently, the motors are still drawing the same amount of electricity but the meter is showing a decrease in the amount of electricity used, because there is less power being consumed.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced kWh energy charges (guaranteed 10% or 6 months money back)
  • Reduced demand charges (more than 10%)
  • Surge protection for an entire building
  • Lightning protection (down-line)
  • Improved productivity of personnel and equipment by reducing electric faults
  • Reduced maintenance
  • UL and ETL (Edison Testing Laboratories) certified
  • Increased life of electronics, motors, lighting and transformers
  • 6 month money back guarantee of kWh savings
  • 10 year warranty
  • $2,000,000 product liability insurance (per unit)
  • $1,000,000 personal liability coverage (per unit)
  • Short period to return-on-investment

Initial Evaluation

To get started, EST conducts an energy audit to help us determine which GESPER unit(s) consumers require. During the audit, our technicians collect data on the load breakdown to gain an understanding of any potential power quality issues or inefficiencies in the electrical system(s). Information gathered from the audit enables our engineers to accurately design the correct application.

Independent Testing

Independent testing has been conducted on every aspect of our GESPER systems. Below is a list of successful independent and internal analysis of the GESPER system:

Northrop Grumman
Delta Electric
Motor Systems Resource Facility
Internal Test

Current Gesper Customers
The following is a list of satisfied customers from different parts of the U.S. currently using the GESPER system and experiencing significant reductions in KWhs.

International House of Pancakes 15% decrease in kWh
Braseros Restaurant 28% decrease in kWh
Santini and Associates 28% decrease in kWh
Sheridan House 15% decrease in kWh
Dentacare Ltd. 17% decrease in kWh
Pet Supermarket 15% decrease in kWh
Fulcum Industries Inc. 15% decrease in kWh
Wilson Farms 15% decrease in kWh
Douglas Leahy (Residential) 20% decrease in kWh
River Smith’s Restaurant 46% decrease in kWh
Walter’s Golf 19% decrease in kWh
Day & Co. 27% decrease in kWh
Bryan’s Steakhouse 37% decrease in kWh
John Novar’s (Residential) 35% decrease in kWh
Domino’s Pizza 23% decrease in kWh
McDonald’s on Paradise Ave, Las Vegas 25% decrease in kWh
Bison Gear Manufacturing 30% decrease in kWh
City of Mayflower, Arkansas City Hall 26% decrease in kWh
Texas Dairy Farm 19% decrease in kWh
Alliance Holsteins 18% decrease in kWh
Deel Volvo 17% decrease in kWh
Rochin Maf Agrobotic 14% decrease in kWh






























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