Energy Performance Contract

Energy Performance Contract

(EPC) are an arrangement for energy efficiency where an EPC contractor takes responsibility for achieving the outcomes. This is the only form of energy management consultancy where it is possible to obtain a guarantee that energy savings will be achieved. Our EPCs can be arranged on a single savings measure, a whole building, or a whole organization. The larger the contracts are, the more cost-effective the project will be.

Features Include:

  • Long-term (3-10 year) relationship
  • Benchmark energy performance levels are defined and energy efficiency upgrades are identified and implemented
  • Risk of non-performance of energy efficiency upgrades is carried by EST rather than consumer

ESTs Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) is an agreement between EST and its client to provide energy services to a particular facility of the client. This agreement includes a facility survey, as well as the design, installation, financing, and maintenance or management of the facility’s energy systems or equipment in order to improve its energy efficiency. The energy savings are guaranteed and are used to repay the cost of the project. This comprehensive approach combines several of the project stages which traditionally have been completed one step at a time. The project scope is directly related to energy savings.

Our EPC commences with a detailed feasibility study, from which a performance contract proposal is produced. This normally consists of both a technical report on the potential energy savings on-site and a proposed form of contract, with details of how the results of the performance contract will be identified and measured.

From the Client’s perspective the process is much simpler. Instead, the stages of feasibility, design, installation or construction, maintenance and training can now be done with one procurement process – the EPC. Additionally, through our EPC, results are guaranteed and financing is provided allowing the consumer to get complete project financing, installation, and guaranteed results simultaneously.

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