Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Secondary_ImageEnergy efficiency is a widely distributed resource with diverse barriers and benefits. For example, lack of information on energy efficient opportunities and the ability to actually make improvements are often greater barriers for small businesses or low-income earners than for those with more resources to access the information and technical assistance. However, energy efficiency may provide greater benefits to these small or low-income customers if the dollars saved are higher relative to the business revenue or disposable income.

EST understands that the solutions that are successful for one segment of the market may be completely irrelevant to another segment due to different energy service needs or response to delivery methods. Additionally, programs that focus on financial incentives for particular technologies will fail if the technologies and services are not provided by trained, competent retailers and contractors. Similarly, programs that focus on consumer education will fail if the construction and installation industry are not also educated and ready to implement the technologies. To achieve long-term success, EST provides a portfolio of programs that work in coordination, while focusing on the characteristics of the region and the barriers to be addressed.

EST has expertise in the delivery of energy-efficiency along with core partnerships/alliances with professionals in engineering, project financing and construction management as well as a vast network of suppliers and sub-contractors.  Our competency in energy efficiency and the marketing & distribution of energy efficient equipment allows us to provide a keen insight into the industry to effectively describe to consumers how it applies to actual energy savings.

Improving the productivity of how we consume energy provides consumers with many direct benefits such as

  • lower expenditures on energy leading to overall cost savings,
  • reduced environmental impact by decreasing greenhouse gas and local air emissions associated with energy production and consumption,
  • increased local economic development opportunities and associated new jobs,
  • enhanced reliability of energy system,
  • improved energy supply security, and
  • reduced uncertainty from fluctuating energy prices.

By educating our clients, EST creates the focus needed to implement economically sound energy-efficient solutions. Our experience is valuable to facility owners who:

  • Do not understand their energy bills
  • Do not believe they have any wastage
  • Do not understand their energy use and where savings opportunities may lie or how to design retrofits
  • Do not know how to raise finance without debt
  • Do not recognize the role of operational monitoring in controlling energy costs.

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