Energy Audits

Energy Audits


ESTs comprehensive approach in the delivery of energy efficiency typically begins with a feasibility study or energy audit. These audits may vary in scope based on the client’s current needs. The three main types of audits conducted are:

  •    Preliminary
  •    Single Purpose/Targeted
  •    Comprehensive/Investment Grade

Preliminary Audits

Preliminary audits are quick evaluations to determine a project’s potential and to decide if a more detailed energy audit is warranted. Often these audits are used as a screening tool by EST and depending on the size of facility, will usually take less than one day to complete. Our auditor(s) uses the collected data to grossly estimate energy savings and project costs for broad groups of projects, such as the installation of energy efficient lights. Those projects with favorable paybacks could be further analyzed in a future targeted or comprehensive audit.

Single Purpose or Targeted Energy Audits

This type of audit provides a detailed analysis on one or more types of projects. The projects analyzed could result from a preliminary audit, or could be selected by the facility staff as a needed repair or upgrade project. EST typically performs these types of audits for a particular type of energy efficient product. Examples include those that focus on lighting, energy management systems (e.g., GESPER system), energy generation (i.e., renewable), or a combination of these projects.

Comprehensive or Investment Grade Audits

These audits provide a detailed energy project implementation plan for a facility, as it evaluates all major energy using systems. The systems evaluated include the building envelope, lighting, domestic hot water, HVAC and controls. This type of audit offers the most accurate estimate of energy savings and cost. It considers the interactive effects of all projects, accounts for the energy use of all major equipment, and includes detailed energy cost saving calculations and project cost. These audits target both the new construction and retrofit markets and serve as an energy management tool to assist in future facility planning decisions.

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