Building Commissioning

Building Commissioning

EST dSecondary_Imageelivers assistance on energy saving projects by providing commissioning services during the design phase. Commissioning is a quality-assurance process that increases the probability that a newly constructed building will meet client expectations. Commissioning can optimize the energy efficient design features of a new building and improve overall building performance. It is a proven, systematic approach to reducing change orders and liability exposure, while ensuring that the building owner receives a building that functions according to the original design intent.

EST performs a commissioning-focused design review, ensures that the owner’s project requirements are clearly documented and followed, and checks that commissioning for the construction phase is adequately reflected in bid documents. Design-phase commissioning facilitates construction-phase commissioning and provides additional design review in areas of special concern to the owner. The following tasks comprise the commissioning work during design:

  1. Coordinate the commissioning activities
  2. Finalize design phase commissioning plan
  3. Perform a review of Design Development
  4. Develop design intent documentation
  5. Develop the draft commissioning plan for the construction phase
  6. Develop commissioning specifications for the construction bid documents
  7. Perform a final review of the drawings and specifications

EST will also provide commissioning service to existing buildings to restore them to optimal performance. Retro-commissioning is a systematic, documented process that identifies low-cost Operations and Maintenance (O&M) improvements in an existing building and brings that building up to the design intentions of its current usage. In many cases as a building is used over time, equipment efficiency and tenant build-outs or renovations change how the building functions. Retro-commissioning identifies and solves comfort and operational problems, explores the full potential of the facilities energy management system, and ensures that the equipment performs properly after space changes have been made.

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