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  • Firm Changes Sewage Into Green Energy

    SEVERN Trent Water has scooped a top award - for turning sewage into electricity. The Midlands-based water supplier, which runs the Minworth sewage treatment plant, won a gong at the Climate Week Awards for its renewable energy projects - including using methane gas from 'sludge' to generate power. Jon Beeson, the firm's renewable energy projects specialist, said: "The sewage is treated and then put into a ...

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  • Obama Energy Nominee will be Hit with Green Energy Loan Questions

    President Barack Obama’s nominee to replace former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, physicist Ernest Moniz, would if confirmed be the head of a department that has been the center of a green energy loan controversy that has drawn intense criticisms for its high-profile failures and allegations of cronyism. During former Secretary Chu’s tenure, the Energy Department became been the subject of ...

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