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  • UB Energy Efficiency Projects Projected to Save $513k

    The University at Buffalo, Upstate Medical University and the taxpayers of New York who subsidize the budget for the State University (SUNY) system, all have great cause to celebrate the significant energy cost-savings projected for years to come due to the energy efficiency projects implemented at both schools. Thanks to Governor Cuomo’s BUILD SMART NY ...

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  • Feds Ramp Up Greening Efforts As Eco-Source Technologies Looks To Assist

    As part of the USA Today's Green Tech series, Gregory Korte has an article about his interview with Jonathan Powers, the Federal Environmental Executive for the Obama Administration ("Obama's point man on greening the environment", April 1, 2013) Eco-Source Technologies is committed to providing proven and affordable energy efficiency and sustainability solutions. Our first targets of opportunity are private and volunteer sectors buildings. These entities and the decision-makers that manage their energy ...

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  • Energy Efficiency Financing Takes a Giant Leap Forward

    Last week marked an important milestone in efforts to advance financing of energy efficiency. The Pennsylvania Treasury sold nearly 4,700 loans from the Keystone HELP program for a projected total of $31.3 million. The cash component for the sale was provided by a consortium of three banks—Fox Chase Bank, WSFS Bank, and National Penn Bank. This transaction advances nationwide efforts to develop a secondary market for energy efficiency lending products.

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  • Town Exploring Green Energy Project

    Brookhaven is considering a large renewable energy project that could reduce emissions and earn the town up to $2.5 million in yearly income."This is by far the most sweeping alternative energy proposal on Long Island," Supervisor Edward P. Romaine said at a work session Thursday at town hall in Farmingville -- where a windmill in the parking lot spun furiously in high ...

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  • Institutional Investors Hold Key to Green Energy Finance Breakthrough

    Institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies could provide up to half the finance needed to develop renewable energy projects through to 2035 if policy barriers can be opvercome and short-term investment practices reformed. That is according to a new report by the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), which argues that the long-term, reliable returns offered by green energy should align with institutional investors’ objectives, ...

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