About Us

About Us

Secondary_ImageEco-Source Technologies, Inc. (EST) is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that services the marketplace with cost-effective energy efficient and renewable energy solutions. EST manages and coordinates all phases of an energy-savings project and provides turnkey energy efficiency related products and other value-added services. Subsequently, by managing our physical and contractual assets, we are able to propose implementation strategies within an integrated framework that establishes further measureable goals to be achieved.

Founded in 2009, EST is a for-profit domestic corporation headquartered in Atlanta, GA with operations in San Diego, CA and the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. With over 20 years of industry experience, our executive team has positioned EST as a leader in the marketplace by being quick and flexible in the decision making about financing projects, and remaining intrinsically involved in multiplying energy efficiency activities through the expansion of our customer base.

EST can design, implement and finance all necessary energy efficiency investments in energy consuming facilities through Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) or other suitable contractual arrangements. This approach is designed to provide up-front investments through a portion of the savings from an energy efficiency project. Our business model represents the most effective approach to systematic energy efficiency activities for both supply and demand, particularly at the municipal level because it is oriented towards operating with numerous clients of various types. Additionally, it reduces transaction costs and can tackle a large number of similar and relatively small-scale projects that could not be financed separately using traditional approaches.

Our mission is to become a leader in the marketplace by providing solutions designed to transform the way consumers and businesses view energy efficiency and profitability. Another key concept is to create and foster relationships where we deliver more in use value than what we receive in monetary value. We will achieve this through the delivery of cost-effective solutions in an equitable manner across all consumer segments.



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