Innovative technology designed to save a guaranteed 10% - 45% on electric bills.

  • Fitch Fuel Catalyst

    Improves fuel economy by 10-20%, adds torque power and cuts emissions by 25%.

  • Energy Efficiency

    A widely distributed resource with diverse barriers and benefits.

  • Project Financing

    We guarantee that energy savings will be achieved.


Eco-Source Technologies (EST) is an energy service company (ESCO) delivering turnkey energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to the global marketplace. We promote energy efficiency by offering innovative products, resource-efficient planning and services guaranteed to counteract skyrocketing energy costs. Initially, we target the required energy demands of a consumer’s infrastructure in order to identify solutions that meet the precise energy needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders.

Central to our business is the delivery of performance and savings guarantees through our energy performance contracts (EPCs). This is an arrangement where we design, implement and finance all necessary investments in an energy efficiency or renewable energy project. Our guarantee is that the cost of a project will be recovered from the energy savings as well as assuming certain performance risks during the project’s economic lifetime by some of our remuneration being directly tied to the energy savings achieved. By entering into an EPC with Eco-Source Technologies, customers can receive complete project financing, installation, and guaranteed results simultaneously. Where traditional contracting activities focus on managing the scope of the project, our activity focuses on managing the outcome of the project.

With the elimination of an up-front capital requirement, we provide a full suite of energy efficient and renewable energy solutions that provide end-to-end building management abilities while lowering energy costs, improving building value, and increasing capital gains. Our energy efficiency applications include, tankless water heater (developed in a joint project with NASA), long term fuel treatment solution, energy efficient lighting and an innovative energy saving device that protects consumers’ whole electrical system while saving a guaranteed 10% in kWh on electricity bills.

EST’s renewable solutions such as wind and solar power are designed to be an economic and effective means of reducing carbon emissions and fostering environmentally friendly business practices. We also work with customers and utility companies to manage the buy-back of excess energy through net metering or net billing.



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